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50 Awesome Fantasy Hockey Team Names

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Hockey Team Names

Whether you’re in a season-long fantasy hockey league or an NHL playoff pool, you have to have a clever hockey team name.

A fantasy hockey team name is often considered an extension of the owner’s personality and individuality. Giving a team a name that reflects the owner’s personality, interests, or aspirations can help personalize the squad and make it more meaningful to the owner. It doesn’t make sense to name your team after a player that you don’t have on your roster, so make sure you look over your team to find a team captain to name after. However, naming your team after a legend of the game is fine, in fact, the more old-school the better.

Of course, if you trade the player you named your team after, then you have to change your team name, or it’s bad luck. So make sure you don’t rush this lol, you need the fantasy gods to bless your fantasy hockey team so you can avoid injuries and win the championship.

The following are 50 Fantasy Hockey Team Names for you to go through as a helpful suggestion on what to name your roster. Good luck!

  1. Eye of the Kreider
  2. Moves Like Jagr
  3. Tkachuck E Cheese
  4. What Up Cozens
  5. Candy Kane
  6. Osh it
  7. Eberle Hills 90210
  8. Atkinson Diet
  9. Pimpin’ Ain’t Parise
  10. Bust a Kapanen
  11. Kubalik My Balls
  12. Relax I Was Olli Jokinen
  13. Ovi-Won Kenobi
  14. Meet Your Makar
  15. Stairway to Headman
  16. Snorting Laines
  17. Auston Translation
  18. Knight Kreider
  19. Panarin Bread
  20. My Big Towes
  21. Tage Advice
  22. Bertuzzi and Ernie
  23. Dropping Klefboms
  24. Dzingel Berries
  25. Drunk Dahlin
  26. Bros Before Ahos
  27. Dumba and Dumber
  28. Hard to Yandle
  29. Doughty Deeds
  30. D’yer Makar
  31. Hellebuyck Girl
  32. Raanta and Rave
  33. Marchand Band
  34. Chronicles of Rittich
  35. Stalock 13
  36. Coyle and Strike
  37. Nikitin Fit
  38. Strong Coffey
  39. Survive and Prospal
  40. Staal In The Family
  41. Mother Puckers
  42. Seguin Genesis
  43. Goon Squad
  44. Crash Test Domi
  45. Eichel Tower
  46. Dark Maatta
  47. Trouba Doors
  48. Hiller High Water
  49. Not Your Stepan Stone
  50. Bouillon Cubes

Daily Fantasy Hockey Team Names

A lot of the same hockey team names above could work as a user profile name for something like DraftKings or Fanduel, however, most people play multiple sports on those platforms.

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